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So Rhi asked about the 'job ending' I alluded to yesterday evening, and now I don't have a cat sitting on my hands (terribly inconvenient, he's heavy, my hands go to sleep, but at least they're warm and he's purring...)

A couple of weeks ago I walked into a meeting with my boss, and in behind him walked, well, the department hatchet woman. A colleague of mine constantly remarks that she has no idea what HW actually does, she's not HR, but among whatever other things I don't know about, I do know she's the one who gets to tell people they have no job. As was the case for me. Upon seeing her, my heart hit my throat. I knew something was going on, and at the end of the discussion, I had a much better idea: I was being laid off.

My grandboss (and yes, I did steal the term from [personal profile] copperbadge), the IT Director, retired in February. The resulting cascade of job restructuring and hiring left my direct boss up in the big chair, my colleague K as my immediate boss, and they decided to lump the leftover bits and some new projects into another job (I looked at it, didn't want it, wouldn't fit.) But this left the help desk coverage of K's old position open. Since they had to keep the same number of positions, they decided to eliminate my job and create a new one to cover her shifts.

The new one has more responsibility and is at a different site. Otherwise, well. I remarked in the meeting that I was curious to see what different skills they would require for it, as I currently do that job every Tuesday (plus extra when K's on vacation). I'm still curious. On paper, it's a different job. However, I've been here for ten years. It's well within my capabilities already and I know our systems well enough I could slide right on over here without even blinking.

I'm torn about applying for it.

While the outpouring of support and regret has been touching and almost overwhelming in my department (everyone loves me, I'm awesome. :) - everyone has commented that they want me to stay... everyone but the people who make that decision. They told me to my face they didn't think I had the skills necessary and they did not offer the job internal to the department before posting it to the outside community (as they had for my boss and coworker K).

Which, of course, is complete bullshit. And I don't want to stay in an organization that doesn't value me. They don't got my back, y'know?

I have other prospects already; I'm pretty positive about the whole thing and actually looking forward not to the job search but to having a little space to breathe and maybe tackle some home projects. I'll walk into any interview with a list of references into the double digits (and growing!) and dazzle them with my awesomeivity. (totlee a word. totlee.)
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