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One week to go: My last official day at work is next Friday, but I have a personal holiday to burn, and a Library Book Sale to volunteer for next Friday, so my last day in the office will me next Thursday. The first of my going away (read: layoff) parties was last night, I'll have a dim sum bash at our second site next Tuesday and something in the afternoon on Wednesday that might migrate to happy hour. I've requested cheesecake.

I'm trying to wind up my work and I've managed to sit down with bossK and transfer a lot of knowledge. I've seen very little of my grandboss, and I can't help but think that isolating himself is a bad idea. But I also consider his layoff of yours truly to be a bad idea, so there you have it.

I've had some feedback from my coworkers. They don't want me to go - no one wants me gone... save the person that makes that hiring decision. So I'm not even going to start that incredibly awkward conversation with grandboss and I won't be applying for the position that my layoff created. Grandboss and upper management is just going to have to deal with the general unhappiness my leaving will create - has created. ('We were so happy, we thought we'd get to see you more at [second site], now Dr. X is going to be pissed!')

Pardon my bitter chortle at the situation he's created for himself. Wait, I'll have a cookie, now I'm better. (My moments of bitterness: easily thwarted by cookies.)

And now the good news! I've had an informal interview! G's been circling my resume in his department (much bigger than mine) and his... actually, I have no real idea organizationally what she is to him, but she's the head honcho T: she's asked for the budget for three new positions in her group to start in July, and she's got the mandate from her boss that they need to support Macs. Since currently they don't have anyone with the right expertise, and I do: it's a perfect fit. It's still unofficial, since the budget needs to be approved, and I do have to go through the process, but all signs are good.

AND! In the meantime, one of her managers has a worker out on medical leave, and they need someone to fill in for him... plus, get used to the team and impress them with my awesomeivity and generally impress them before the real job starts up. The wheels in HR are turning slowly: I don't have a start date for tempness, but it's coming!


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