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While I was composing my post on Friday, I wasn't checking my email: wherein I was being asked if I could start that temp job on the 18th. As my last day at the current job is the 15th, I replied: no rest for the wicked: of course! I managed to fire this off just before 5 so the details waited for me all weekend, but this is just awesome with a side of awesomesauce.

I've just been amazed at how smoothly this has gone. I wasn't overly fussed at the initial news: the sent me home early to angst (they even used that word) and I joked that I'd have to dig out some black eyeliner and emo music but really? I was already starting to plan ahead: where's my resume, what sites should I job hunt on, who should I tell for support and assistance... The only way out is forward.

And I'm kind of amazed, even. I haven't had a moment when I felt I'd never get a job. I had imagined it would take longer and I'd have some time on unemployment: I was actually looking forward to a few days or weeks off where I'd have time to walk and play wow and clean up my storage unit in between looking for jobs.

No such luck, as it turns out. I still get to take one day off to volunteer for the library sale, per my usual: and that's even part of the smoothness of this whole thing. I originally scheduled 2 days off, then took them back when I realized I would need all my vacation pay. But then I had a personal holiday to use up before my employment ended and it was just enough. Now it's onto better things.

I've always been known for a positive attitude and a smile for everyone. It's effortless these past few weeks. I'm smiling at the morning drizzle and thinking what a beautiful day it is. I have some small moments of bitterness, especially when I commiserate with my colleagues that 'oh yes it's just awful that I've been laid off'. But I think I'm allowed. Bitter humor is still humor!


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