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So yoga class #2 was today, and huh, the instructor's favorite position seems to be downward dog. Every other thing? Back to down dog. It was bliss when we would fold into child's pose (my favorite, really - corpse has nothing on it) By the last fifteen or so minutes, I had to modify down dog so I was leaning on my forearms, because my wrists ached so. I think that's WoW's fault, though, really.

Mostly I'm sore in the arms and shoulders from the NIA class last night. It looked more interesting than your typical aerobics class, and certainly turned out that way. Most of it was very familiar - dance steps and a few kicks and punches that had more the flavor of martial arts to them, but with none of the purpose behind it. And it was fun - an easy class to be joyful in.


Jan. 17th, 2006 11:45 am
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One of my nebulous resolutions was to get off my ass during lunch. I don't know if I'll shoot for a triathlon again (wow, was that derailed this past summer) but hey, fit=good. And I've decided that my internal motivation is lacking (huh, slacker, who'da thought?) so I would impose some external forces.

Which means I've signed up for two different yoga classes, MW and TTh at noon, and a fitness class right after work on TTH. It's still slaved to the quarter system, but that just means a break right about when I'll start getting tired of the grind.

Today is Gentle Yoga in a few minutes, which sounds like a good reintro into regular sessions of turning myself into a pretzel.


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