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So I saw Legion Saturday night. As a movie... eh. As a delivery vehicle for Paul Bettany and tattoos and angel-slash (is it incest if they call each other 'brother' and are technically all the sons/creations of one being?) Humina.

As a movie... eh. An angel falls and not once is Lucifer mentioned. Creepy grandma crawls across the ceiling and has shark teeth and there's flies, and not once is the connection between angels and demons made except 'those aren't demons.' Cue ominous music. As an apocaflic, I cared more about Kyle than Jeep, and most of the rest of the supporting cast I didn't really miss, well, I was disappointed by the teen's death at the end...

And it really goes to show, how much, even in the absence of television, a media fan I am. The good stuff? I'm all over. And the bad stuff? Look, there's holes! One fan's plot hole big enough to drive a truck through is another fan's window to an AU. It may be crap execution, but I'm getting a whole lotta mileage daydreaming about wingfic. (who was it that had that crackfic scale, where if it rang true to the fandom, it wasn't high on the crackfic scale... so, Nsync wings = crackfic, where HP wings was just a transfiguration mishap.)

The which diverts me, because an otherwise crap fic had Harry with phoenix wings, and while the angel wings in Legion were drab and grey-black, can you imagine the glorious red-gold plumage of a phoenix-angel? *happy thoughts*


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