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Misha Day ([personal profile] mishaday) wrote2010-07-14 09:36 am

Filling the bookshelves again

I'm back from an extra-long weekend in Albuquerque. I was down there mostly to work on dad's computers at work, and that's mostly what I did. Mostly. My parents took me out for lunches and dinners and I swear they have an absolute genius for finding great eateries. The few spare moments I had, I wasn't feeling knittish, and I couldn't play WoW (didn't want to install it on the work computers, and their home internet connection is now satellite cable, which is SUCKTASTIC for WoW. srsly. I tried. After it took 30 hours to update.)

So I got my reading on. I had picked up the Black Jewels omnibus, and devoured that on the plane (it's long, but I had to switch planes in Vegas and the wait there... ugh) and hit up two bookstores trying like hell to find more books but not duplicate the one that I'd read about Wilhlemina (which finally made so much more sense and I was going to re-read when I got home) So I read Dreams Made Flesh and Shadow Queen, and waffled over paying hardcover price (and then schlepping the darn thing home) for Shalador's Lady, and ended up buying the kindle version for my iPhone. (seriously, my first kindle purchase. I has ebook reader/store/portability/drm issues) And I was still searching for that one about Wilhelmina...

Only. It wasn't there. And I could swear I'd read it. But after I got home the lightbulb in my head went off and I started poking rec-lists and AO3 and finally found it on FF.net: Dusk Dawning. Yeah. Oops? Testimony to how good fanfic can be when it's good.