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I mean, I knew. You can't avoid the spoilers, even as oblique as they have been. A bare summary, a hint that it of course comes full circle... and I knew what would happen.

Hell, it's what's kept me from finishing the last two Harry Potter books. I heard the spoilers, I knew what happened, and I read the Epilogue. Rowling's prose isn't deathless enough to make me go back.

I know I'll go back for this, though. It's Bujold.

And it's funny, because I'd just finished a little supernatural Victorian romp and Cryoburn was next on my stack (it was that or Pratchett: do you know how *hard* a decision that is? So I read five pages, typical Miles, sneaked to the end, went 'oh! drabbles!' and...

I read them. And on the second to last sentence, promptly burst into tears. Oh, Gregor!

It's something that fen will get better than anyone - that attachment to a character and all their history, so that one sentence is just a punch in the gut because it draws on long *years* of familiarity and affection.

Everyonce in a while, when I'm in the mood for a good, cathartic cry, I read Where the Red Fern Grows. It's been a favorite of mine since my dog and pony phase in middle school, and I think it's just been replaced.
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I *hadn't* heard the spoilers. I read through to the end, having enjoyed the book, got to that and went 'Lois, you *bitch*.'

Also? It's bad writing. That was a good story. Not one of her best? But certainly a good one. But now it's always going to be the story where X happens at the end, and I do get that she was trying to make the point of the book about to freeze or not to freeze... but the rest of the book was, essentially, in 11 pt. Times New Roman and this is in 20 pt. bolded Georgia. Proportionate effect was way off.

Can you tell I'm still angry 3 days later?
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Even though I knew something happened (I'd seen people mention how gut-wrenching the end was), somehow I didn't even think of what it actually ended up being. The line just before the drabbles first got me, and then... yeah.

I'm not angry at Bujold for doing it--I think it's a natural path for the story arc--but it does make me sad. And I think I'm the most sad for Gregor, of everyone.
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I got it today and read it today. The story is a typical Miles romp, but not her best. The end however...is a gut punch.

I'd heard her say that the only reason to write another Miles book was to have Aral die. That the next step on Miles' journey was to become Count. However it seems to me that she really didn't want to do that, so she gave Miles one last adventure before pulling the rug out. I can't imagine how she can send Count-Lord Auditor out on the kind of adventures that Lord Auditor could do.

I hope she proves me wrong -- I love the universe.