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Misha Day ([personal profile] mishaday) wrote2010-12-20 09:42 am

Random Monday musings

I hit level 85 on my paladin last night! My raid team was getting snarky at me for being slow, but srsly: it hasn't even been two weeks! They can suck it up and help me gear for tanking now. Hmph.

Christmas in a week. *blinks* Where did the time go? I got my first couple of presents in the mail (I think they arrived Friday, but I picked up the packages from the office Sunday.) That means I have stick to get on re: sending packages and cards. Crap.

Work wants to get me fat. Two pounds of See's candies showed up Friday and now one division has given us a platter of cookies. I think I'll go for a walk (though of course, said walk involves a yarn store and a coworker who owes me lunch, so who knows?)

I keep juggling Losers fan-love with Sherlock, though today Losers just got splodey over DADT being repealed. Yay! (for both the fic and Congress pulling the collective head of the military out of its ass - and I'm not saying if it's Congress' ass or the military's, though, come to think, could be both...)

Still haven't done much in the way of delicious migration. I'm only looking at online solutions; bookmark syncing is not ideal for my use patterns.

And as a destresser from WoW yesterday, I went shopping (I know, COMPLETELY counterintuitive!) and spent the $50 Groupon from Nordstrom Rack. I have pants! Yay pants.