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State of the Misha 2013

Happy 12th LJ anniversary to me.
Well, I’m a few days late (March 28th! And I refused to post on April 1st), but this is as good a time as any to give a State of the Misha Report:

Fannishly, I’m still actively reading Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe and fully expecting to see all sorts of things Jossed when Iron Man 3 comes out next month. I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of Pepper.

I’ve also been dragged kicking and screaming into Teen Wolf (and ohgod: Tumblr). Vampire Diaries and True Blood had too much vampirage running around, but werewolves seem to be about my speed. Shirtless werewolves. All of them. I’m pretty much onboard the Stiles/Derek train, but I’ll read anything about the various women of TW universe kicking ass and taking names. I also have feelings/plans/fic ideas revolving around Laura Hale, the only question is if I can get them written down before S3 starts in June.

Work has been Interesting(tm) in a good way. After my layoff two years ago, I was snapped up by another group that was a MUCH better fit, and I’d been enjoying the heck out of my job. My first year I got more kudos for my work than any of the other team members, so both my boss and grandboss recognized that I was kicking ass and taking names.

Then last October I got wind of a Certified Ethical Hacker class in November. I’ve been interested in IT Security since my old dept paid for a certificate class for me in 2008, and this would naturally follow. I asked, and was denied for my new dept to pay for the class. It was a long shot, but I figured, no harm in asking - I was in the good books and I could afford both the time and the money if they said no. Which they did, and off I went to class where I learned a lot and had really excellent lunches at the community college culinary program’s cafe.

Only my request got some wheels turning, and my grandboss decided she wanted to make things happen for me, so as of today I’m starting my third month of a three-month trial period (read: interview) with the Security Team. They’re a quieter bunch than the desktop support guys, but I’m learning a lot and they give me interesting puzzles to go along with the boring work nobody else wanted to do.

Apparently my timing is awesome, because the job opening on the team has been posted as a senior level for two years with no successful hires (they were seriously asking for the moon) and Grandboss (with support from the gal on the Sec team that I’d met years ago and chatted to re: the class) convinced them they should really just hire internally and train the new hire (me) up.

Best part is that if it doesn’t work out, I can still step back to my old job, no harm, no foul. Boss and Grandboss are SUPER AWESOME. I brought them cookies.

It’s looking good - people are generally positive (there’s one guy who’s just a tough nut to crack) and I’m making headway in the projects assigned to me. I’m starting to get antsy about having a job offer: I know my new grandboss is super busy with budget shenanigans, but the clock is ticking down. (and I want the associated raise already!)

Gaming-wise, our raiding group fell apart when Star Wars came out - I played that for a while, then Guild Wars, and then in December I picked up Skyrim. My brother had given it to me a year before, only to be forsaken for SWTOR almost immediately, but now I’ve gotten used to the controller. So I slay dragons and then go back to my house in the countryside and raise two adopted girls with my wife in our little lesbian commune (the housecarl, steward and bard are all women too!)

I’m a lesbian in table-top too. My GM (who works just downstairs and comes up to bother me with gaming things) is creating his own fantasy steampunkish world and system, and my caster dwarf started canoodling with his wife’s dwarf. It continues to be hilarious calling each other sweetheart over the gaming table.

I’m still single in RL: I have a profile in OKCupid, but I rarely respond to messages and I haven’t really been looking for years now. It’s kind of: I like what I have, why fix what’s not broken?

My nieces are 3 and almost 2, and continually adorable. I’m over at my brother’s fairly often: I get niece time, they get babysitting, it all works out. We’re planning a few family vacations with Auntie Misha in tow that I’m really looking forward to.

Health-wise, I’m eating well: making lots of good salads for lunch at work. I gained a few pounds when the new job/three-month-long-interview started because it was more sedentary, but I’m also looking at returning to a more regular yoga practice and walking more now that the weather is better.

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Glad to read that you're doing well and are getting the training and support you want from work! ((hugs))
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[personal profile] dine 2013-04-02 04:51 pm (UTC)(link)
it's great to hear that life's been going well; may that trend continue!
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Hey, great! I hope things keep going well for you!