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Misha Day ([personal profile] mishaday) wrote2015-05-25 07:08 am

Job Security

So here I am with enough breathing space and brain cells all lined up for an update. *peeks* Two years? Eesh.

Still in MCU fandom, but I have trouble keeping up with the TV parts - I've seen scattered eps now of AoS, Agent Carter and Daredevil, but sitting down for TV at home rarely happens for me. The last stint of tv watching for me that lasted longer than a single episode at a time was the White Queen, and that simply because I had my iPad tuned to Wikipedia and I was happily soaking in all the history. I have a feeling should I ever watch Game of Thrones, I'll do the same thing with their wiki.

So two years ago I was trying to line up a job with our Security team. Then Shenanigans happened - the supervisor was six months from retirement, didn't give two fucks together and the team lead decided to play silly buggers with the job description. It ended up all hyperfocused on the one project I was working on, but very light on anything else that would have gone beyond that project, and I went with my gut. I sat through the interview, killed it, and at the very end, when teamlead asked me if there was anything else I had to add, I told them that I thought they were looking for someone who wasn't me, and I wished them well finding them, but I was bowing out.

They never found anyone for the position - the only other interviewee was similarly baffled by what they were asking for as far as skills, and then the position was put on hold while the supervisor left and they started a big hunt for an actual facts director instead of someone non-securityish in charge of the team.

There's been a new director hired since then, and the Sec gal I've made friends with has been lobbying to have me hired since that first go around. As she's someone who knows where all the bodies are buried, people listen to her (including the CIO!) and add in the fact that the new director thinks I've hung the moon (seriously, I just put three computers on his desk and can actually explain our email system.) well, I think I've got an in.

They've finally posted jobs again and I've applied - interview is next week. I'm a little leery of the technical interview, as it's been two years, but I'll lean heavily on 'I'm a little out of practice, yeah, but I'll get up to speed fast!'

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