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Misha Day ([personal profile] mishaday) wrote2015-10-23 06:14 am

Wild Ride

When last I posted, I talked about my application for a position on our organization's Security team. No sooner than I got back from my yearly June camping trip, did the director track me down and offer me the job. I prompted accepted. (The sequence of events did result in some small embarrassment: I hadn't told my previous boss I'd applied, so he found out by the director attempting to track me down whilst I was on holiday. Thankfully, former boss is made of awesome, and he happily okayed my immediate transition to the new team.) Someone(s) in HR like me, because I was shifted right on over to the new team in a single week.

And then my new boss got fired. On my first day. And then we had a PM for an interim interim boss, a security dude for a more long-term interim (supposed to be 9 months, but he just got a permanent job in New York) and we'll have boss #4 starting in another couple of weeks.

So there's that. I'm still catching up on all the ways that first guy screwed up, but fortunately the Powers That Be do not view my hiring as one of those screw ups, because they've been happily paying to send me off to training hither, thither and yon. California, DC, Vancouver in a week, and back to California next month as well.

There's some craziness inherent in a small team trying to do the job of a team twice it's size (We're severely understaffed, but with three consecutive interims telling the PTB that, it's sunk in, and we're hiring) but I'm finally feeling like I'm growing professionally and finding the next step. Plus, the Security gal who's been helping the job thing move along behind the scenes, is turning into a very close friend as well as a mentor, so that's six kinds of awesome all by itself.

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