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Oct. 23rd, 2015 06:14 am
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When last I posted, I talked about my application for a position on our organization's Security team. And the suspense may be ended. )
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So here I am with enough breathing space and brain cells all lined up for an update. *peeks* Two years? Eesh.

Still in MCU fandom, but I have trouble keeping up with the TV parts - I've seen scattered eps now of AoS, Agent Carter and Daredevil, but sitting down for TV at home rarely happens for me. The last stint of tv watching for me that lasted longer than a single episode at a time was the White Queen, and that simply because I had my iPad tuned to Wikipedia and I was happily soaking in all the history. I have a feeling should I ever watch Game of Thrones, I'll do the same thing with their wiki.

Second verse, same as the first )
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Happy 12th LJ anniversary to me.
Well, I’m a few days late (March 28th! And I refused to post on April 1st), but this is as good a time as any to give a State of the Misha Report:

Herein lies a tale of derring do... well, not really )


AO3 Kudos

Apr. 1st, 2013 08:36 pm
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I think I need a different set of Kudos buttons.
Like: "Good fic, could use a little editing, but a good read"
or: "I think I might be combusting from Teh Hawt(tm). Pardon me while I go have a little alone time."
and finally: "I just scared my cat/coworker by making something resembling dolphin noises."

Because right now they're all interchangeably Kudos and a good excuse not to take the time to comment!
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Avengers Movie Universe has swallowed my soul. I'm wallowing all over AO3 and rubbing those dirty, dirty bits all over my pristine electronic consciousness. Or something.

It's a fandom that STARTS OUT with magical horsebabies from Loki (though I think Sleipnir and the gang are technically not assbabies, what with the shapeshifting and convenience of an actual womb. It is however, a fandom that seems to have recently discovered alpha/omega fic from SPN, and the prevalence of assbabies is invading.

What I'd really like to see though, is if Tony Stark *does* get pregnant (or one of the other boys, I'm not picky. REALLY. (Or hell, even Pepper or *NATASHA* and have them run into a problem where they can't carry to term) is for Tony to engineer up a mechanical womb ala Lois McMaster Bujold's vorkosiganverse tech and transfer to the baby (again, technically not an assbaby yet w/o the assbirth... ick) to the gadget.

It's an opportunity FOR SCIENCE! GADGETBABIES!
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So I saw me some Harry Potter part the umpteenth tonight. And now I cut for verbosity )
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While I was composing my post on Friday, I wasn't checking my email: wherein I was being asked if I could start that temp job on the 18th. As my last day at the current job is the 15th, I replied: no rest for the wicked: of course! I managed to fire this off just before 5 so the details waited for me all weekend, but this is just awesome with a side of awesomesauce.

My new boss replied: Glad you are wicked... job requirement! )
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One week to go: My last official day at work is next Friday, but I have a personal holiday to burn, and a Library Book Sale to volunteer for next Friday, so my last day in the office will me next Thursday. The first of my going away (read: layoff) parties was last night, I'll have a dim sum bash at our second site next Tuesday and something in the afternoon on Wednesday that might migrate to happy hour. I've requested cheesecake.

It's not all cheesecake )
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So Rhi asked about the 'job ending' I alluded to yesterday evening, and now I don't have a cat sitting on my hands (terribly inconvenient, he's heavy, my hands go to sleep, but at least they're warm and he's purring...)

Job Woes. (Woes? Difficulties, perhaps. I won't go so far as woe.) )
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Today is my ten year anniversary on Livejournal. I'd been blogging, a bit, for a few years before that, but wow. Ten years. That Permanent account sure was worth it. :)
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So I'm still totally into the Losers, but Sherlock snuck up on me and the Hawaii Five-0 hit me on the back of the head with a pineapple. Or a coconut. But more likely a pineapple.

And I may have gone into an orgy of fic-reading lately. I'm in love with Kono and Catherine Rollins, because the world needs more BAMF chicks.

But ok, the first and MOST important thing I want to know is: When all these fics are talking about gay marriage in Hawai'i and making bad jokes about who gets to be the bride... why doesn't anyone point to McGarrett's dress whites and make the obvious logical leap?
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I hit level 85 on my paladin last night! My raid team was getting snarky at me for being slow, but srsly: it hasn't even been two weeks! They can suck it up and help me gear for tanking now. Hmph.

Christmas in a week. *blinks* Where did the time go? I got my first couple of presents in the mail (I think they arrived Friday, but I picked up the packages from the office Sunday.) That means I have stick to get on re: sending packages and cards. Crap.

Work wants to get me fat. Two pounds of See's candies showed up Friday and now one division has given us a platter of cookies. I think I'll go for a walk (though of course, said walk involves a yarn store and a coworker who owes me lunch, so who knows?)

I keep juggling Losers fan-love with Sherlock, though today Losers just got splodey over DADT being repealed. Yay! (for both the fic and Congress pulling the collective head of the military out of its ass - and I'm not saying if it's Congress' ass or the military's, though, come to think, could be both...)

Still haven't done much in the way of delicious migration. I'm only looking at online solutions; bookmark syncing is not ideal for my use patterns.

And as a destresser from WoW yesterday, I went shopping (I know, COMPLETELY counterintuitive!) and spent the $50 Groupon from Nordstrom Rack. I have pants! Yay pants.
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So, right. Deep breath. You/I must chill.

It's not gone yet, and it will more probably be a slow decay over several months before they finally pull the plug and repurpose the servers. I have my own bookmarks backed up (and this may give me another opportunity to segregate work-marks from fan-marks) and while I might prefer to spend my time frantically poking the delicious tags for comforting fic, I should really be checking out the alternatives.

I've got a gmail account, so the Google bookmarks would seem to make sense. Except, I dunno. I don't want to make a big decision until I have more data.

Diigo, Historius and Pinboard all seem like likely alternatives as well. And how ironically amused am I that so many of them have Delicious imports?
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Well, crappinetly. Word is, Yahoo's fired the Delicious team and the site's going away. No news on when, natch, but if you head into settings, you can export your kabillion recs and saved fics and other whatnots.

I'm bummed. I've been using delicious since it was del.icio.us: it's an immensely useful tool for moving between computers without having to migrate or sync bookmarks, and now...

Lifehacker did a 5 best bookmarking sites in May.Xmarks seems to have won for synchronizing utility, but I may have to poke Google Bookmarks, which was right behind Delicious.
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One of the banes of my working life is that I like to dream. I'll hang onto dreams with lucid teeth and toenails, smacking the snooze button into submission while I wile away the last stretches of sleep, and eking out the dregs of whatever subconscious worm has invaded my REM cycles...

Which is a long way of saying I hate to wake up sometimes because dreams are more interesting than coming into work.

Like last night: The A Team arrived to save Harry Potter from the Dursleys.

So of course once I woke up I had to work it out: Face and Hannibal are the muggles (Though Face will claim he's a Squib with the last name of Black. heh.), Murdock is a Squib with just enough oomph that he can fly a broom (because he can fly anything, and brooms would be just RIGHT up his alley.) And BA's the wizard. Because... because I'm that twisted, and if you go with the Mr. T version, a little gold Gringotts key just blends in with all the rest of the bling.
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I'm back from an extra-long weekend in Albuquerque. I was down there mostly to work on dad's computers at work, and that's mostly what I did. Mostly. My parents took me out for lunches and dinners and I swear they have an absolute genius for finding great eateries. The few spare moments I had, I wasn't feeling knittish, and I couldn't play WoW (didn't want to install it on the work computers, and their home internet connection is now satellite cable, which is SUCKTASTIC for WoW. srsly. I tried. After it took 30 hours to update.)

So I got my reading on. I had picked up the Black Jewels omnibus, and devoured that on the plane (it's long, but I had to switch planes in Vegas and the wait there... ugh) and hit up two bookstores trying like hell to find more books but not duplicate the one that I'd read about Wilhlemina (which finally made so much more sense and I was going to re-read when I got home) So I read Dreams Made Flesh and Shadow Queen, and waffled over paying hardcover price (and then schlepping the darn thing home) for Shalador's Lady, and ended up buying the kindle version for my iPhone. (seriously, my first kindle purchase. I has ebook reader/store/portability/drm issues) And I was still searching for that one about Wilhelmina...

Only. It wasn't there. And I could swear I'd read it. But after I got home the lightbulb in my head went off and I started poking rec-lists and AO3 and finally found it on FF.net: Dusk Dawning. Yeah. Oops? Testimony to how good fanfic can be when it's good.
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So I saw Legion Saturday night. As a movie... eh. As a delivery vehicle for Paul Bettany and tattoos and angel-slash (is it incest if they call each other 'brother' and are technically all the sons/creations of one being?) Humina.

As a movie... eh. An angel falls and not once is Lucifer mentioned. Creepy grandma crawls across the ceiling and has shark teeth and there's flies, and not once is the connection between angels and demons made except 'those aren't demons.' Cue ominous music. As an apocaflic, I cared more about Kyle than Jeep, and most of the rest of the supporting cast I didn't really miss, well, I was disappointed by the teen's death at the end...

And it really goes to show, how much, even in the absence of television, a media fan I am. The good stuff? I'm all over. And the bad stuff? Look, there's holes! One fan's plot hole big enough to drive a truck through is another fan's window to an AU. It may be crap execution, but I'm getting a whole lotta mileage daydreaming about wingfic. (who was it that had that crackfic scale, where if it rang true to the fandom, it wasn't high on the crackfic scale... so, Nsync wings = crackfic, where HP wings was just a transfiguration mishap.)

The which diverts me, because an otherwise crap fic had Harry with phoenix wings, and while the angel wings in Legion were drab and grey-black, can you imagine the glorious red-gold plumage of a phoenix-angel? *happy thoughts*
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I had a sudden vision of Jim Kirk meeting Miles Vorkosigan. Pre-Ekaterina, so rather more manic than not.

So, Barrayar was an experimental planet populated with humans by aliens (kids and their science experiments, natch), only the humans fought their way free, and are now clawing their way into space. In comes the Enterprise...

Just - the bemused look on Kirk's face, and the Spock-eyebrow, five minutes after Miles has talked his way into taking over command of the Enterprise. Completely temporary, and only so they won't get shot at by his countrymen (planetmen?).
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I'll be the first to admit I'm a lurker of the first order. I lurk even on party-planning email threads; I'm a HORRIBLE RSVPer. But that doesn't mean that I'm unaware of kerfluffles and shitstorms.

I just posted a little 'go you' on shaggirl's apology post. She's really shown herself to be a class act in this whole brouhaha, hasn't lost her cool and apologized for her small part.

Shit's gonna happen, but it's reactions like this that should be lauded: *this* is how you react to a mistake, with dignity and contrition.
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