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So, a while back, I noticed this guy on the bus. A regular on my route (as regular as I can recognize, considering how often the bus comes.) He had long, dirty brown hair, a somewhat disreputable tan and brown knit hat. After one conversation he had with a friend, I could tell he was in tech support, and not quite as happy with his job as he could be. His friend had it worse, but we're talking about long-hair here.

Some time later, I saw him again at the bus stop, hair shorn, and had a moment of 'damn, that's fine'. You can see the grey a bit more (late 30's to a guess) but men with long hair are typically bound to only a few hairstyles, (loose, or low ponytail) and it's not universally attractive. (Tangenting, there's one guy in one of the labs down the hall from me that I recognize because of his obnoxious off-center pony-tail. It's like a growth sprouting from the side of his neck! Eww!) I considered complimenting him on his haircut at the time, but opportunities have passed me by before.

In any event, guess who showed up to our morning meeting to be introduced as the New Guy? Same dude. He's a bit cynical - almost taking as fact some of the sarcastic comments I've thrown out about how things work (and I should curb that, now that I think about it.) and quite a bit 'huh' at the sock puppets, but not unattractive, and single, so far as I can tell. I'm not sure if this is dangerous yet.


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